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Lacrimal obstruction in the newborn is a lack of tear drainage in the lachrymal or tear duct. This is a relatively frequent condition. Up to 50% of newborns can have it. The development of the tear duct is completed after birth.

In only 5% of newborns the problem persists after 2 months of age.

During the first year of life, the chances of a spontaneous resolution are very high and depend on the child's age: at 3 months old, there are 80% chances, at 6 months, 70% chances, and 9 months, 52% chances.

The scientific publications demonstrate that, after the first year of life, the possibility of spontaneous resolution is unlikely to happen.

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The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and it does not require hospitalization.

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A catheter is used to unclog or unblock the tear ducts with a small metal probe.

It takes about 5 minutes.

The postoperative period is not painful. Eye drops should be used for one week.

Results expected
The procedure is usually successful in 90% of cases. In the remaining 10% if tearing persists, repeating the procedure or putting a device into the tear ducts is suggested.