Retinoblastoma treatment

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In general, small tumors can be treated with laser or cryotherapy or radiation.

With midsize tumors, chemotherapy is often used to reduce the size. Then in a second step, the tumor can be attacked.

In large tumors, where the chances of saving the eyeball are low compared with the potential for metastasis, the eye has to be enucleated.

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Results expected
Currently, new chemotherapeutic agents have significantly increased patient survival and the ability to save the eyeball.
The patient should monitor their vision permanently over the years.

How I can know if this tumor is hereditary?
In general, hereditary tumors are present in both eyes or are multiple. Anyway, there are genetic studies that can determinate that factor more accurately.

What consequences may the tumor generate?
Patients with hereditary tumors have the risk of other tumors, though they may be detected in a timely manner if constant monitoring is done.
Nonhereditary tumors have no sequels.Security code