Double vision

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Diplopia or double vision is the simultaneous perception of two images of a single object.

If double vision disappears when covering one eye, the cause of diplopia is strabismus.

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LDouble vision is an extremely uncomfortable and disabling situation. It can create dizziness, walking disorders, headache or simply discomfort in doing the activities of daily life, such as reading or driving.

icono hoja de papel causes

Double vision occurs when the eyes are misaligned.

In human beings, an image is formed in each eye, and the brain merges or “fuses” both images into one.

There are different brain mechanisms that keep the eyes aligned.

For this “fusion” to occur, certain conditions must be present: the images must be identical, with same shape and size; and the eyes should be perfectly aligned.

If double vision disappears when covering one eye, the causes could be a range of disorders, including: stroke or cerebrovascular disease, diseases relating to hyperthyroidism / hypothyroidism (Graves’ disease), myasthenia, head trauma, tumors, and pre-existing strabismus from early infancy.

If double vision persists when covering one eye, it is secondary to optical (astigmatism, impairment of the lens transparency), lacrimal tear dysfunction, aberrations, etc.

icono gota treatment

When the cause is vascular, double vision resolves on its own. In other cases, prisms may be prescribed in eyeglasses to correct double vision.
Finally, if double vision persists, it should be corrected with surgery.


When are glasses with prisms prescribed?
They are prescribed when eye deviation is small and by the same amount.

Is double vision always due to a serious condition?
Not necessarily.

Is there a solution for double vision?
Double vision can be resolved by surgical or optical means in most of the cases.

Can my little son suffer from double vision?
Yes, but his brain has a very fast adaptation mechanism that shuts down the vision of one eye. This causes the child to see through only one of them to avoid double vision. If this condition is not detected or corrected in a timely manner, he may lose the ability to see with both eyes simultaneously.